Here are local food and items suitable for sightseeing souvenirs and gifts. Ask us for details.

Clay Images (Replica)

Museum goods being sold at Municipal Shibayama Kohun-haniwa-museam.
Tofu 500 yen, a dancing man and women 800 yen each (a par for 1500 yen).

Municipal Shibayama Kohun-haniwa-museam.


Flower Arrangements

Bringing smile to everyone with arranged flowers for the situation.
We meet your budget request.

Flower Hime


Shibayama-nioson’s Picture

A small Shibayama-nioson’s picture to keep in your wallet etc. and carry with you. 700 yen.

Shibayama-nioson Kannonkyo-ji Temple.


Brocade Amulet

This brocade amulet gives you bless of Kannon and Nio.

Shibayama-nioson Kannonkyo-ji Temple.


Hirota’s Cream Puff

This taste is exactly what you expect for cream puff. Sold at Roadside/Air Station Fuwari Shibayama as well as a factory shop in Shibayama-cho. A box (comes in 4 pieces) is for 320 yen (tax incl.).

Chiba Factory of Western Confectionery Hirota.


Firm Tofu

Solid taste combined with smooth texture of soft tofu. Large 230 yen / small 115 yen.

Tsuchiya Tofu


Sai-Gift Medium Pack

A tea gift wrapped in a pop packaging. Arrange as you like. Brown rice tea, roasted tea and Japanese tea: 324 yen. Green tea: 540 yen.



Aircraft Models (Valious)

From the latest aircrafts vary in materials and scales to good old ones. Start at 2700 yen.

Museum of Aeronautical Sciences


Mochi with Fresh Cream

Daifuku moch with fresh cream inside. Tasty when chilled. (13 flavors.) 129 yen each.

Yanazuki Confectionary



A whole cucumber pickled for 3 days. Sold at local events. 100 yen.

Minoriya Food (Sold by Tsubaya)


Ancient Rice Baumkuchen

Fluffy texture made from Shibayama-cho’s brown rice and Chiba’s rice flour.

Fuwari Shibayama



A local product made of fried organic Chiba Handashi peanuts. Small 500 yen / middle 1000 yen / large 2000 yen.

Ehara Peanuts


Chikara Rice Crackers (Soysauce and Sugar / Brown Sugar)

Excellent rice crackers with grainy and soft texture made with traditional recipe. 550 yen each.

Chikara Senbei (Fujita Store)